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The Scoop On Poop

Bacteria & Symptoms

Dog poop is teeming with bacteria. While human waste is flushed & the water treated before re-entering our waterways, toilet trained pets are mostly left for Hollywood movies.  Simply put, it's toxic. The EPA classified pet waste as a dangerous pollutant in the same category as chemicals & oil nearly 20 years ago. 

The benefits of using our yards for our dogs relief is something most of us are unlikely to give up.  Unfortunately, dogs will walk on unscooped waste in the yard, tracking harmful bacteria into our homes.  Consistent cleaning is the best way to reduce your families exposure to these bacteria.  

While children, the elderly and people with lowered immune responses are especially vulnerable to exposure, continued exposure in even the healthiest adults can reduce the bodies ability to fight these harmful bacteria.  The most common symptoms from fecal bacteria exposure are a range of gastro-intestinal ailments, headaches, nausea and fatigue.  Continued exposure can also lower the body's ability to fight off other germs, resulting in more frequent colds & other ailments. 

Fecal Coliform     -    Headaches, fatigue, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, intestinal illness.  

                               Can cause serious kidney disorder.

Cryptosporidium   -   Stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, & dehydration.

Campylobacteriosis - Stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, fever, vomiting.

The list below is just a handful of the harmful bacteria in dog waste & the more common ailments they can cause:

Why We're Staten Island's #1 Pooper Scooper Service


100% Reliable, Operating 7 Days A Week & More Than Just A Pooper Scooper Service. 

Doody Free Is Dedicated to Pets & Our Community. 


For over 10 years, Staten Islander's have trusted our reliable service to ensure waste is scooped regularly, before the elements break it down further, significantly & consistently reducing their families exposure to harmful bacteria.

Doody Free operates on most major holidays.

Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day & Thanksgiving scheduled visits are usually finished by 2pm, if not earlier.       


If you'd like an additional 'Doody Free' thorough cleaning on holidays or for special events that fall on days other than your scheduled cleaning days, we're always happy to accommodate you whenever possible.


We operate in nearly ALL weather conditions:  Rain, Light Snow, Very Cold Weather & Heatwaves !!

Our goal as always to prevent build ups & keep bacteria levels as low as possible. In order to achieve the best results,

it's important that we don't skip visits.  The only weather conditions that will cause us to skip a visit outside the winter

season are lightning storms or heavy rains that prohibit visibility.

During the winter season, light snowfalls generally won't cause us to skip visits.  After heavy snowfalls, we'll continue

to clean all that's visible on visits.  Rain, sleet storms & partial snow meltings followed by freezing conditions may

result in waste that is frozen solid to the ground, more so on pavers & decks.  In those conditions it's more sanitary

that we don't try to remove those wastes until the next visit or following visits when it will readily come away.


To prevent winter build-ups, we may take advantage of breaks in the weather to clean your yard on non scheduled days

after wintery conditions or ahead of expected storms whenever possible. 

Cleanings during the colder winter season are generally a much more arduous, time consuming task.  The price for winter

cleanings are included for Doody Free weekly service+ clients. Doody Free does not assess additional charges during the

winter season as many pooper scooper services do unless access has been prohibited resulting in even larger cleanups.  

Please remember to not have snow piled at the service entrance so we can continue to gain access. 


While we're ALWAYS happy to do one-time cleanings, during breaks in wintery weather getting yards 'Doody Free'

for our weekly service+ clients take priority.  Your yard will be maintained in the cleanest condition possible.

If we notice any condition in your dog's stool or yard, we'll notify you. 


Waste is always double bagged.

We secure all gates before leaving.

Doody Free does not ask you to sign a contract.

We ask for 7 days notice if you and/or your dogs will be away to pause service during that time.

Doody Free is highly dog friendly. We welcome your dog's company while we clean your yard.


The Doody Free Dog Scooper, Ready To Service Clients

Please pardon our appearance while this site is being redesigned.  More features & changes are coming soon!

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