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Dog Walking

OCTOBER 2019:  Sadly, dog walking & training are currently closed to new clients due to availability.

                             Thank you all so much for your recent inquiries.  As soon as there's a change in availability, I'll post it immediately.

   INSULIN:           While I can't commit to daily insulin shots at present, if I can be of help as a back up or as needed,  please reach out to me.   Laura

Loving your pet shouldn't stop you from living an active life.   


Doody Free takes the worry out of leaving your dog for the day.

Unfortunately, most of us need to work or have other functions that require us to leave the house for extended

periods of time.

You'll always have their unconditional love, but you'll be able to concentrate on your daily affairs much better

without worry and guilt, knowing your dog has had a break from the loneliness with an experienced, loving 

handler, a little exercise during the day, and much needed relief!

Special Needs: 

You know yours & your pet's needs best.  I'm always happy to discuss needs that don't fall into the standard walks.

Dog walking services are primarily tailored for working professionals and are a Monday - Friday service. 

EVERY effort is made to accomodate late evenings at work, last minute travel & of course last minute dinner plans. 

If feeding & evening or late walks will be needed, give as much notice as you can.  

When dog walking is combined with a training program, lesser numbers of walks in the week can be arranged such as 3 days a week instead of 5.  Combining the walk with a training program has many advantages aside from giving the dogs exercise & relief. 


The bittersweet goal is that when behavioral issues are under control, you won't need 'me' to walk your dog. 

As bittersweet as that success is, I'm so happy to see the end results & to have played a role in it.

Dog walking is performed by Laura alone & never outsourced to any employee. 

Late meetings, last minute

travel & me time. She's never 

let me down.  My dogs have had challenging & differing issues over the last few yrs. One blind, one deaf. Arthritis, diabetes, housebreaking issues & more. 

I don't know what I'd have done had they come up without her on my team. 

She's clearly had experience with all their issues & adapts immediately to the challenges of their changing needs.

I can't tell you how important it is to me that I can put my energies into other matters with a clear mind, knowing that my dog's are always well taken care of.  And you know it when you're home that your babies were all right. 

She's the best dog co-parent anyone could ask for.

Chris E

Sr Vice President, NBC

Britta Gilmore

Assistant District Attorney

Manhattan Office

Laura takes great care of my pups. It's a real gift to feel so comfortable leaving them in such able hands.

April 2018 - Congratulations Britta on your move to CA & out of public service! The world is a better place with you in it.  People & rescued dogs alike.  Wishing you & your family every happiiness !!

Further Reference Contacts Gladly Furnished On Request. 

Laura's a great find.

She's one of those dog lover's that dog's can sense right from the start & she's an experienced dog handler. She's totally reliable and trustworthy.

I can relax and know my dog is taken taken of.

Fran Callaghan


Please pardon our appearance while this site is being redesigned.  More features & changes are coming soon!

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